Online Registration
Fall 2020-Spring 2021

Easy as 1, 2, 3!
1. Scroll to find the appropriate age/difficulty level for your child,
2. Pick the class that works best with your schedule

3. Click "register" and follow the prompts

Tiny Tots
Boys and Girls Ages: 18mo-30mo


Boys and Girls Ages: 2.9-3.9


Boys and Girls Ages: 3.9-4.9


Boys and Girls Ages: 4.9-5.9

School Age

Girls Ages: 5.9-7


Girls Ages: 7+


Students may register for Novice classes without prior experience.

Ages 7-8

Students may register for Novice classes without prior experience.

Ages 9+


Students must have prior experience to register for Intermediate classes and/or must be evaluated.

Recreation Advanced

Students must be evaluated before participating in an Advanced class.


Girls Ages 7+

MHS Gymnastics Waiver

Varsity and JV athletes must have a waiver filled out by a parent/legal guardian in order to be able to participate in our facility. The waiver is in addition to any other paperwork the school may require.

Please Note:

*When you register for our gymnastics classes, your account will show a $30.00 membership fee per student or $50.00 per family, and the monthly class tuition. The membership fee must be paid immediately upon registering for a class.  The tuition payment is not mandatory at the time of registration but is due on or before your child's first class.  

Rules & Policies

*Prices listed on the website reflect the full price of monthly tuition. Any discounts will be applied at that time.

*Membership fees are valid for September through August, and are renewed at the start of each Fall Season.

Membership Perks

Memberships are available for children not currently enrolled in a class 
$40.00/ child or $55.00/family