Fall 2020-Spring 2021
September 8th, 2020


Level 3
Level 4 & 5
Level 6-84:30-8:00

Levels 9 & 104:30-8:00

Compulsory Levels

Levels 4 & 5

Levels 4 & 5 have set routines that are standards for everyone across the United States and contain mandatory elements on all Olympic events. Both of these levels are progressive in nature, building upon the skills required at the previous level.

​Competitive opportunities are provided up to and including the USA Gymnastics State Championships

Developmental Levels

Levels 1-3

Levels 1-3 can be competitive or non-competitive depending on the club. At Jean's Gymnastics, Level 1 is non-competitive and part of our Training Team. Level 2 is also part of our Training Team, but there are competitive opportunities for those gymnasts that are ready to compete. Level 3 is the first mandatory competitive year at Jean's Gymnastics & athletes compete 4-8 competition throughout the season.

State championships are held for Levels 2 & 3 for athletes the coaching staff believe are ready.

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Optional Levels

Levels 6-10

Level 6 is an introductory year in the optional program, and is not a mandatory year to compete depending on the gymnast's skill level. Levels 7 & 8 have difficulty restrictions, while Levels 9 & 10 have no restrictions in the skill choice. Composition is evaluated at all optional levels except levels 6 & 7. Team members have individual have individual routines choreographed to suit their ability and potential. Optional routines are exciting and provide each athlete the opportunity to show their individual strengths and personality.

Level 6 has competitive opportunities up to and including the State Championships. 

​Additional competitive opportunities are provided for Levels 7-10, with the Level 10 competitive season culminating at the Jr. Olympic National Championships, Level 9 at the Eastern or Western National Championships and Levels 7 & 8 at the Regional Championships.

Junior Olympic Team

The Junior Olympic program was developed with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills and order to advance safely.