Ages: 4.9-5.9


Engaging students socially and physically with exercise and games so that they can achieve success through their own abilities while having fun & learning.

​These classes are 45 minutes per class and are the first time students participate in a class without their parent.
This class is $88 per month.


Joining together, parents and children, to build a partnership based on fun, safety and trust while building independence and experience.

This is a 45 minute co-dependent class that little ones get to experience with you by their side.

This class is $88 per month

Tiny Tots
Ages: 18 months - 2.9 years


Teaching students how to succeed by instilling a sense of pride in their own abilities, attitudes and independence while having fun.

This class is a 60 minute class.
This class is $94 per month


​Captivating each student's ability to learn and succeed through imaginative activities to help them progress and grow while having fun.

This class is a 60 minute class.
This class is $94 per month.

Instructional Gymnastics

Each of our programs have been designed to incorporate a variety of gymnastics, strength, flexibility, innovative games and activities and of course fun! We take into account the age and skill base of each student so every child is learning, growing and succeeding each and every class. Please read below for specialized information on each of the classes we offer.

School Age
Ages: 5.9-7

Preschool & Pre-K
Ages: 2.9-3.9 & 3.9-4.9