Tiny Tumblers: This class is designed for young gymnasts (usually ages 3-5) who have shown their physical & social readiness to participate in a class that is based on skill progression vs. strictly age. The Tiny Tumbler class will focus on building a solid foundation by perfecting basic skills on all 4 events, and exposing gymnasts to basic flexibility and strength training. The class is taught in a positive, fun & interactive environment to hopefully continue to build the bond between the sport of gymnastics and the athlete.  This class meets for 1 hour, 1 time per week.

Junior Jumpers: This is the next step for gymnasts who are ready for more of a challenge. Gymnasts will start to become more independent in the gym, and start working on the first level of compulsory skills set by USA Gymnastics. They will also start to learn skill sequences and build an aptitude for learning routines which will be essential for any future competitive gymnastics they may pursue. Emphasis is on proper technique & form as well as strength, flexibility and of course, FUN! This class meets 2 times per week for 1 hour each class.

Preteam: This is a non-competitive level; however, gymnasts will learn the compulsory routines, skills and begin learning about the competitive side of gymnastics. Gymnasts will continue their skill progression and continue to build strength & flexibility to support new skills that they're learning. This class is where the focus of gymnastics changes a bit from learning a skill, to perfecting it, in order to use those basics to progress to higher levels of gymnastics. This class meets 2 times per week for 2 hours per class.

Xcel Bronze: Xcel Bronze puts gymnasts on a different track then the Junior Olympic program. This program allows gymnasts to compete if they choose withing the structure of the Xcel program which stresses participation over qualification. The requirements are very different, and allows for a wider range of skills to fulfill a requirement on any specific event. This class can be competitive or non-competitive at this entry level depending on what the gymnast would like to commit to. This class requires two practices per week of 5 total hours per week.

Training Team

Gymnasts invited to participate in these classes must be able to perform all skills required by USA Gymnastics for any level. These classes are geared towards readying gymnasts for competitive gymnastics.

​Developmental Classes