​Our developmental gymnastics program is designed to challenge young athletes who have shown physical, mental, and social readiness to participate in a more regimented gymnastics program that is ultimately geared towards preparing athletes for competitive gymnastics. In addition to skill development, these classes focus on strength building, flexibility and form development, basic skill mastery, as well as social components such as team work and the ability to be coached effectively. Our coaches prioritize finding the balance between fun & focus while maintaining a safe and positive learning environment.  Each athlete will move through this program at their own pace with the possibility of spending more than one season in any developmental class.   Athletes are taught to be responsible for the quality of their work and to be confident in their abilities.  Our #1 goal at all times is the well being of our athletes both physically & mentally.

Junior Jumpers: This class is designed for young gymnasts who have shown their readiness to participate in a class that is based on ability rather than age. The Junior Jumper class will focus on introducing gymnasts to basic flexibility and strength training as well as building a solid foundation on the four gymnastic events.  Building a solid foundation in form, technique, and strength will lead to the successful and safe participation in our competitive gymnastic program.  Students in the Junior Jumpers program are required to attend two classes per week for one hour each class.  Attending both classes each week is required for participation at this level.  

Preteam: This is a non-competitive gymnastic level based on the level Women's Development Program level 1 & 2 skills.  Gymnasts will begin to learn about the competitive aspects of gymnastics in order to ready them for the competition team in the near future.  This class is the last step before moving on to our beginner competitive team levels. Gymnasts' strength and technique training will increase throughout the season as it becomes a standard part of every workout.  Additionally, the introduction of skill sequences will help them to build an aptitude for learning competition routines, which will be required for any future competitive gymnastics they may pursue.  Gymnasts are required to successfully perform certain skills and/or movements in a manner that meets the standards of Jean’s Gymnastics before moving on to the Beginner Team levels.  The standards set forth by our coaches are to ensure that each of our athletes is best prepared for a successful venture into competitive gymnastics.

Developmental Class Levels:

Gymnasts invited to participate in these classes must be able to perform all skills required by USA Gymnastics for any level. These classes are geared towards readying gymnasts for competitive gymnastics.

​​​Developmental Classes