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​What Are The Requirements?

All competitive teams run on a full year schedule. Our athletes attend practice throughout the year including school & summer vacations (practices may be altered depending on the time of year). Competitive athletes are required to attend on a 12 month basis to maintain their competitive status.

Depending on each athlete, their abilities & mental/physical readiness, the coaching staff will place athletes into divisions based on their physical & mental achievements both in practice & in competition. Athletes must attend practices that pertain to their specific level with regular attendance to be part of the competitive program.

Athletes must participate in a minimum of 2 USA Gymnastics sanctioned competitions to be considered for the state championships in May each year.

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What is the Xcel Program?

The Xcel program (formerly Prep-Op) is a program that allows athletes  to train and compete optional routines without the time commitment of the  Junior Olympic program. Athletes can stay  in this program right through  college. There are 5 divisions: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum &  Diamond with  Diamond being the most difficult level you can achieve.

The Xcel program operates under the participation qualification system.  Meaning, the level that  each athlete competes at is based around their  participation rather than their score or placement  to determine their current  or future competitive level as well as their qualification to any state  championships.

At Jean's Gymnastics, our Xcel program is designed to allow our athletes the  opportunity to work  out 2-3 days per week depending on their level. This is  the perfect program for girls that want to  experience competitive gymnastics,  but who may have other sports/interests that they are  involved with.

Fall 2020-Spring 2021